Baring It All Sexual appeal and feminine appeal in women`s sports.

keerthi charan
4 min readApr 26, 2022

is not uncommon that female sportspersons advertise their sport using sexy appeal. Track, tennis, golfers, volleyball players and even racecar drivers have employed their appearances to draw attention and attention through wearing inappropriate clothes, posing for magazines, or appearing in commercials that feature their attractive appearance or performing. Sexploitation has had a significant impact on society. All ages are aware that female athletes are using various marketing strategies, media, social media, etc., to make themselves known as athletes through their sex appeal and physical appearance. This poses a challenge for the general public because children particularly admire the athletes and could have a different idea of being an athlete.

The media primarily critique female athletes based on the shape and appearance of their bodies and not their performance as athletes. Certain sports, both male and female, typically use identical clothing. For example, in track, both males and women must wear body-conforming outfits made of light-weight material. The lack of fabric helps athletes perform better since it allows them to be more aerodynamic and less friction. One might be surprised to see that while women and men wear short briefs, females sport very thin, bikini-like bikinis, while men sport tight tanks. If women were as naked as they could, why would the males wear shirts? Doesn’t it make them more efficient? It is reasonable to think that male track athletes will do this to increase their sex appeal. Other sports also have this concern.

The dress code for beach volleyball is different between females and males. Beach volleyball athletes who are male wear shorts and, occasionally, singlets, while “women are required to play in bikini bottoms and bra-style tops that do not exceed six centimetres wide at the hips”. Be aware of the purpose of athletic uniforms, which are the clothing worn when playing a sport to help athletes move quickly. “Women’s beach volleyball has introduced uniforms intentionally to focus attention on the athletes’ bodies rather than for any technological, practical or performance-enhancing reasons” (Australian Sports Commission).

The exploitation of uniforms and media can put athletes in an uncomfortable situation. For some…